5 – 27 August 2024

Comprehensive, transformative training for teachers and practitioners to develop their skills & knowledge 


5-11 August 2024

A week-long dive into the foundational practices and principles of the Synergy method

 Join us at Amara Valley for a deep immersion in the Synergy method:

modern yogic practice, internal energy development and therapeutic mind-body healing

with experienced yoga teachers Morgan Palmer Hubbard, Ben Dessard
and internationally renowned master teacher Simon Borg-Olivier.


This Synergy training will revolutionize the depth, safety and effectiveness of your yoga and movement practices, helping you develop better energy levels, organ health, strength & flexibility, breath capacity, and internal sensitivity.

We’ll give you a firm grounding in everything from yoga history to anatomy and biomechanics, and equip you with the tools to confidently understand and teach yoga. But above all, you will learn the fundamentals of a nourishing and life long personal practice that will unlock the deep power for healing and regeneration that exists within all of us.

Fusing modern scientific exercise physiology and dynamic flow practices with the ancient wisdom of the yoga tradition, this comprehensive training will teach you:

  • Effective, safe movement and posture practices for modern bodies
  • Innovative postures, sequences and movements to cultivate Flow states
  • Fundamental anatomy & physiology of Yoga
  • Teaching methodology & finding your voice as a teacher
  • Yogic philosophy, lifestyle, nutrition & history
  • Living your Yoga on and off the mat

Course completion will accredit you for the RYT-200 certification with Yoga Alliance, the world’s largest and most well-known yoga teacher licensing body, or towards the Continuing Education requirements for current teachers.

◈ Anatomy & Physiology: The Main Body Systems
◈ The Fundamental Asanas
◈ The Roots of Yoga
◈  Alignment & Key Actions for Better, Safer Practice
◈ Restorative Yoga
◈ Secrets of Yoga for Longevity

◈ The Essence of Vinyasa Flow Yoga
◈ Active Core Movement
◈ Subtle Anatomy & The Energetic Body
◈ Understanding Bandha
◈ Yama, Niyama & Yogic Philosophy
◈ Sequencing & Teaching

◈ Cultivating Internal Strength & Energy Levels
◈ Nerve Reflexes & Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
◈ Upgrading from Asana to Mudra
◈ Yogic Nutrition
◈ Kriya Yoga
◈ Dynamic Meditation

◈  Full Sequence Synergy Practice
◈  Pranayama & Breathwork
◈  Finding Your Voice as a Teacher
◈  Online Presence & Business of Yoga
◈  Vedanta, Self-Knowledge & Consciousness
◈  Yoga Nidra
◈  Mantra Yoga


This will be a formative and transformational experience for all who join –  whether you are a yoga/movement practitioner interested in deepening your personal practice, you want to go into teaching, or you’re someone already teaching who wants to bring their transmission of yoga and wellness to another level. Come to immerse yourself in daily practice, learning not just what to practice but how and why, with experienced and inspiring teachers.

You will leave this training with:

  • a comprehensive foundation for understanding yoga, and how to make yoga and other practices effective for modern bodies, on physical, physiological, energetic and mental levels;
  • how to lead classes with safety, confidence and authenticity;
  • plus a deeper personal practice supercharged by daily sessions that will inspire and invigorate you!


Synergy is “Yoga for the Modern Body”

Traditional yoga practices often require a level of spinal mobility, joint flexibility, and active movement that is simply not present for many modern people. Thanks to our increasingly sedentary chair-based lifestyles, habitual postures with computers and phones, modern diets, and contemporary approaches to exercise and sports, there are many aspects of our bodies that are different to people living a traditional lifestyle (such as those in which yoga was originally developed) – and so we also have different needs for practice, to be able to gain the same benefits from our yoga.

Backed up by extensive studies of many styles of yoga, physiotherapy, molecular biology and neuroscience, the Synergy method offers deep insight into how our personal practice can best address the unique needs of modern life.

In this training course you will learn practical solutions to make your yoga practice and teaching both safer and more effective for all bodies and levels, making you and any future students stronger, more flexible, and more energized.

The principles of the Synergy method can also enhance any other style of yoga, movement, martial arts or dance that you practice through increased precision, efficiency and power.


Half of the training will be taught by Yoga Synergy founder and master yoga teacher, Simon Borg-Olivier. With 4 decades of international yoga teaching experience, including 23 years as a Registered Physiotherapist with a Master’s degree in biology and genetic science, Simon’s life’s work has been to bring the depth, power and insight of traditional Hatha yoga together with well-researched and innovative techniques for improving yoga practice and teaching for modern people.

Simon’s new 5-Dimensional Flow Yoga online course is included as part of the training, giving you the opportunity to begin learning as soon as you register. You’ll develop foundational skills that will help you get the most out of the in-person training, and receive the distilled benefits of lifelong research and practice from one of the world’s foremost Western yoga teachers.

Morgan Palmer Hubbard and Ben Dessard are the resident yoga teachers at Amara Valley. Drawing on many different yogic trainings including in-depth training with Simon Borg-Olivier since 2013, as well as graduate studies in psychology, exercise science and nutrition, they offer a vibrant, modern approach to yoga practice and lifestyle deeply inspired by Yoga, Vedanta, Buddhism, Burning Man, kirtan and bhakti yoga, shamanic ceremony, and the beautiful nature of Amara Valley.


Amara Valley is a beautiful rustic nature retreat centre 1.5 hrs from Barcelona near Banyoles, with a range of accommodation options, beautiful outdoor and indoor facilities, peaceful landscapes and nature, delicious gourmet vegetarian food, and a large practice shala. All accommodation options below include all meals, and use of all facilities, including the pool and sauna.


Summer is a time for nature to be in its full expression. Good nutrition is an important pillar of the training and a highlight of the Amara experience. Our chefs will prepare fresh, seasonal gourmet vegan living food that will help you detox, cleanse and energize your body, and that will help you integrate and fully absorbed the intensity of the practice and information received on the course. They will support every aspect of the training and will make you look forward to every meal!


7:00h Kriyas, Meditation, Asana & Vinyasa Practice
10:00h Meditation, Chanting & Pranayama
10:30h Class Review
11:00h Brunch
– Rest time –
13:00h Yoga Philosophy, History, Ethics & Lifestyle /
Anatomy & Physiology
15:00h Afternoon Tea & Snack
– Rest time –
16:00h Teaching Methodology /
Training & Techniques / Practicum
20:00h Dinner
– Free time –


Accommodation options are available as shared or private rooms.

See below for prices for the Full 200h Training, followed by the Fundamentals Immersion:


A fully in-depth 3-week training for those wanting to radically transform their personal skills and understanding of how to effectively heal and develop modern bodies and minds


We offer the option to join the first week of the training and get a comprehensive introduction to Synergy practice and life skills for self-care and optimal health! 

This option includes all classes and workshops plus the Synergy training manual.

It can count as 50h study module towards a future 200h yoga teaching certification.


  • All classes, training sessions, afternoon workshops, talks and activities from 5-11 August
  • 2 vegetarian/vegan meals (Brunch and Dinner) plus afternoon snack per day
  • Shared or private accommodation with bedding
  • Tea and fruit throughout the day
  • Wifi and use of facilities – pool, shala, sauna and outdoor grounds
  • Synergy Yoga Training Manual


  • Everything above from 5-27 August
  • 30+ hour 5-Dimensional Flow Yoga Online Course with Simon Borg-Olivier ($497USD value!)


  • Massages and extra services
  • Shower towel and outdoor towel
  • Travel insurance
  • Transport and travel costs

We will help create a ride share group for those without transportation

Cancellation Policy

All booking deposits are non-refundable. After registering through the online form there will not be any refunds available for cancellation except in case of force majeure circumstances that made it impossible to hold the training at Amara, in which case we would refund 100% of your reservation.