*El retiro será bilingüe, en castellano e inglés cuando sea necesario.

An Immersion to awaken your inner wisdom

◈ 3 Cacao Ceremonies
◈ Rite of Passage Ritual
◈ Forest Exploration
◈ The art of facilitation
◈ Elemental Spa & Sauna

It’s time to come together again, to listen to our intuition, to reconnect with Mother Nature, and to feel the power of the tribe. 

If you are reading these lines it is because Cacao is calling you! This immersion of 4 days is a chance to develop a strong relationship with the Cacao Spirit. It is a time to look inwards, to hear the deep and quiet voices of your heart and to come back home. Through circles, rituals, explorations, talks, practices, movement and sharing, we will slowly dive into the magic world of this beautiful plant medicine so that we can unfold the true nature of our being. 

Trust – Surrender – Patience

These are the key words to work with the subtle energies of Cacao. Cultivating an open mind we learn to understand how everything comes to us in the right moment, that Life is a blessing and gratitude the highest attitude. Cacao is the most gentle of plant medicines, it is the one closest to humans, and with her we can sit in ceremony safely, legally, and being fully present of the process. Cacao reconnects us to Nature and when working with her, we are committing to follow our heart’s desires. 

The purpose of this retreat is to guide you into strengthening the bridge between Cacao and you, to create the foundations of an honest and pure relationship that can last forever. Trusting the process is the key to fully receive the gifts of the plant. Cacao will guide and sustain you through the journey of discovering who you really are. By embarking on this path together, you are ready to become a different person, to leave behind what doesn’t serve you and to embrace the new future with clarity and a sense of responsibility towards the ancestral wisdom.

“When humans forget how to take care of the trees, Cacao will come back to help us remember”


Whether you are new to working with Cacao or have been in relationship with it for a while, this time together will allow you to go back with a sense of purpose and empowerment to share the knowledge with others. We will discuss, practice and integrate the multiple ways to facilitate and create ceremonial spaces.
We will:
– Learn how to prepare ceremonial Cacao
– Practice guiding a group into a journey
– Explore what’s our ceremonial tool
– Sing and open our voices 
– Discuss the Cacao properties and history
– & have time to integrate in nature


Carlota is a classical violinist, vegan chef and yoga teacher who is fascinated by beauty and coherence in every aspect of the human experience. For the past 4 years she has been immersed in personal work with Cacao medicine and ceremony. Her attention to detail reflects in every aspect of her art, teaching and being. She has travelled the 5 continents learning from great teachers, exploring the global transformational festival scene and meeting inspiring people that have influenced her offerings. In 2018 she created Amrita Cacao, her personal project born from the clear guidance of the plant medicine itself speaking in ceremony.  Soon after that she settled in Amara Valley, living off-grid in a community and retreat centre that strives to be a pioneer in regenerative culture, sustainability and artistic development through movement, knowledge sharing and ceremony.

Laura is a yoga practitioner since 2014. In the last 5 years has dedicated her life to teach the practice of this medicine for our physical, emotional and spiritual healing. She is the founder of La Arca Online, with weekly classes of Yoga and meditation. She keeps nurturing and expanding her knowledge through the medicine of Cacao plant since she discovered it in 2017, when the plant came into her life. For the past year she has been facilitating ceremonies and circles for groups as well as personal sessions for a greater integration of what Cacao has to offer. In 2017 she embarked in a full year of deep work with the black obsidian Yoni egg, and her work and relationship with the earth and minerals is still present, helping her to keep working on herself so she can serve others more deeply.


Here is the projected schedule for the retreat. While attending all the sessions is not obligatory it is highly recommended to help the flow of the retreat and get the full benefits of this time with Cacao and the group. 

Note that minor changes may occur before the gathering!


15:00h Arrival
17:00h “Lighten up” (Soft and gentle yoga session)
18:00h Opening Circle
19:00 Dinner
20:00h New Moon Rite of Passage Ceremony


9:00h From the Ground Up (dynamic yoga session)
11:00h Brunch
14:00h Cacao Ceremony – Earth & Cacao Bath/Forest Exploration
18:30h Dinner
20:00h Yoga Nidra & Sound Bath


09:00h Inner Fire Practice (dynamic yoga session)
11:00h Brunch
13:00h Talk & Discussion about Cacao and Facilitation
15:00 Free time / Journaling / Walk / Massage
17:00h Mini Cacao & Ecstatic Dance
20:00h Dinner
21:00h Sauna & Shamanic Spa


9:00h Cacao Preparation and Ícaros
10:00h Co-Creative Integrative Cacao Ceremony
14:00h Lunch
16:00h Closing Circle
18:00h Farewell

How does Cacao work?


For this retreat we will have the honour to work with Amrita Cacao, a very pure and premium medicine that takes care of its process from the seed to the cup. Amrita Cacao’s mission is to serve as a bridge between the Cacao plant and those who are willing to receive its knowledge, facilitate spaces where you will feel safe and ready to open up to your intuition, and step into your own power.

Cacao is also a stimulant that, unlike coffee, puts us in a state of presence and acceptance of the Now. Its sensual and aphrodisiac properties help us connect with ourselves and others in a more authentic and liberating way.

A little more about Cacao and ceremonies

The botanical name given to the cacao tree is Theobroma Cacao, which in Greek literally means “Food of the Gods”. A Cacao ceremony in the modern world is an opportunity for us to get together in circle and create a space for personal inquiry and deep transformation. Using the medicine as a catalyst to guide us through an internal journey, the wisdom of the plant medicine will help us clarify our place in this world, our relationship with nature and the direction of our next steps.

Each ceremony is unique and together we hold the space, let the magic happen and trust in the healing power of the plant to dictate the rhythm. Its gentle yet deeply powerful effects lead us to engage more deeply with our emotions and awareness, revealing an expansive openness and sensitivity that puts us in touch with our higher wisdom and the teacher inside of us.


Cacao is considered a medicine by the indigenous traditions in Central and South America, and it is used in shamanic healing rituals. Its undeniable nutritional properties have also convinced Western medicine that consuming Cacao is highly recommended as a supplement for vibrant health.

It contains minerals such as:

  • magnesium
  • zinc
  • copper
  • iron
  • chomium
  • calcium
  • manganese
  • and over 300 other compounds that positively affect our cardiovascular, reproductive, digestive and nervous systems!

A Cacao Ceremony is a safe space where the plant medicine creates an umbrella for everyone to express themselves freely under it. If we are open to receive, we will feel the benefits of seeing the world through Her eyes, with self-love and compassion. Cacao brings us back to balance with our fellow humans, with all other species, and with Mother Earth. Let yourself be surprised by your intuition, the openness of your heart, the new neural-connections, the burst of creativity, the cleansing effects in your body and mind, the boost of energy, the spark of joy, the increase of unconditional Love, the clarity of your visions, the awakening of your imagination, the feeling of peace and the higher sense of belonging to a community of like-minded people that respect the natural world and the wisdom of our ancestors.



Oksana practices a “working with you” instead of “on you” approach and adopts massage techniques as per individual needs as well as the body’s response to her touch – combining Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Thai massage techniques, Cupping and Hot Stone therapy with joint mobilisation and gentle stretches. For a deeper relaxation Oksana incorporates sound healing and aromatherapy. Every session is an invitation to shift from the thinking mind into the feeling body.

The session is accompanied by aftercare advice, suggested yoga poses and strengthening exercises or stretches to help prolong the effects of the massage.

Face, head & neck massage in a space held by healing live music

Marleen Kemper, professional beauty therapist and passionate wellness chef and Sergio Morales, multi- instrumentalist and sound engineer, a duo that is devoted to share their care & loving energy. Offering a unique guidance into deep relaxation, you will experience a journey that will awaken your natural glow and nourish your soul.



Amara is highly renowned for its kitchen. The Amara Kitchen team will be offering delicious vegan food, using local and even homegrown ingredients from our garden, combining fresh and Mediterranean flavours always with a twist of world cuisine. You are in for a treat, and the food will be a big part of the support you will get to help you ground, recharge and work with the medicine. NOTE: we can cater for special diets. Please, let us know on the submission form and we will try and accommodate your dietary needs.


The price of the retreat will depend on your choice of accommodation. We have different options available. 

Please select your choice on the booking form and we will ensure the preferred accommodation for you.


  • All ceremonies, sessions, workshops, talks and activities
  • 42g Ceremonial grade cacao for each ceremony from Amrita Cacao
  • Manual and Workbook
  • 2 vegetarian/vegan meals a day (Brunch and Dinner)
  • Afternoon snack 
  • Shared or private accommodation with bedding
  • Tea and fruit throughout the day
  • Wifi and use of facilities – pool, shala, sauna and outdoor grounds


  • Covid Antigen Test on arrival – 10€ (if measures still apply in June)
  • Massages and extra services
  • Shower towel and outdoor towel
  • Travel insurance
  • Transport and travel costs

We will help create a ride share group for those without transportation

Cancellation Policy

After registering through the online form there will not be any refunds available for cancellation. However if due to the Covid-19 situation we were unable to provide the services of the retreat by the new regulations in Girona then we would refund 100% of your reservation.