Become part of a 100% off-grid, solar-powered

regenerative community


Daily Yoga  ·  Organic Vegetarian Meals  ·  Deep Sleep Meditations


Everything you need to thrive 

Energizing Co-existence

Join us for short or long-term residences at Amara Valley, deep in the forest of northern Catalunya. This sanctuary helps digital nomads create a healthy lifestyle, connect with evolutionary community, and develop their human potential.

Here you’ll enjoy comfortable accommodation, gourmet vegetarian food, and a beautiful and tranquil natural setting. Our customizable wellness programme is designed up-level your health, mental focus and creative inspiration.


All prices are PER PERSON/NIGHT and INCLUDE:

accommodation  ✔️

co-working space ✔️

daily yoga & wellness activities ✔️

3 delicious plant-based meals every day! ✔️


These rooms are located at the heart of Amara. Architectural ceilings & a cozy community vibe. Bathrooms next door. Option for double occupancy*.

7+ days:   40€ + 16€ food plan
14+ days:   35€ + 16€ food plan
30+ days:  30€ + 16€ food plan
90+ days:  25€ + 16€ food plan


Amara’s boutique suite. Minimalist & modern, with its own bathroom. Private entrance, perfect for single occupancy.

7+ days:   55€ + 16€ food plan
14+ days:  50€ + 16€ food plan
30+ days:  45€ + 16€ food plan
90+ days:  40€ + 16€ food plan


Traditional stone walls and hardwood flooring contrast beautifully with modern furnishings. Independent from the main building, with its own en-suite bathroom, this suite gives you autonomy & privacy. Perfect for couples*.

7+ days:   60€ + 16€ food plan
14+ days:   55€ + 16€ food plan
30+ days:  50€ + 16€ food plan
90+ days:  45€ + 16€ food plan

* All prices are per night for 1 person in single occupancy.
For double occupancy the second person stays at
of the nightly room rate (+ 16€/day food plan).


Food for the Soul

All residential guests will enjoy 3 delicious vegetarian meals daily – breakfast, lunch and dinner, homemade by our chefs with local produce, including some from our organic garden!

We can cater for special diets and allergies, providing we are given advance notice e.g. wheat-free, gluten-free, celiac, nut allergies etc.

Amara is an alcohol free space to support wellbeing practices. We ask you to please refrain from bringing any to the premises. Thanks for your understanding!

NOTE: Currently there is NO communal kitchen and the Amara Kitchen provides all meals for the Ecoliving program (16€/day food plan, see above).




Enliven Your Body & Mind

Amara Valley is created by a team of passionate yogis, healers, creatives, and visionaries. We are bringing together the most potent practices for transforming our human potential we’ve found around the world, to curate a living, evolving, co-creative experience informed by this collective intelligence.

We are focused on supporting the wellness of everyone who comes here, through daily classes that energize the body and focus the mind, sessions to promote deep regenerative rest and better sleep, private treatments from our experienced therapists, and healing ceremonies.

During your stay at Amara, you’ll be able to enjoy:

· Daily Yoga Classes

· Ecstatic Dances

· Meditation & Breathwork sessions

· Cacao Ceremonies

· Amara Community Events & Workshops

We are taking a non-dogmatic, open-source approach to integrating body, mind and spirit. Ancient wisdom meets modern research-based knowledge. Neuroscience meets shamanism. Past meets Present meets Future.

Our mission is to help you thrive.

around us

An Abundant Valley

The natural beauty of Amara Valley and its surroundings make this place a haven for those who want to deeply recharge and connect with nature.

There are plenty of easy to intermediate walks and hikes from the main gate to outstanding view points, rivers and monuments. Only 15min down the hill, the town of Banyoles is famous for its crystal clear lake, a nature reserve worth seeing and taking a swim in!

Other outdoor activities such as cycling, mountain biking, climbing, paragliding and mushroom picking are just a step away from our centre.

We can give you all the information you need once you’re here, and will help coordinate the logistics for anything you would like to engage in.




The Girona area boasts some of the most beautiful climbing destinations in Europe, perfect for beginners or experienced climbers alike!


Rocacorba mountain is a famous climb for cyclists, and the many tracks down through its valleys will challenge and thrill.


Banyoles Lake is well known to rowers as the venue for the ’92 Olympic rowing events. You can rent boats to take out onto the lake, and enjoy the still waters of this protected nature reserve.


There are many great hikes in the area, through forest glades to secret rivers, stunning mountain views and Catalan heritage sites.


Get airborne with paraglide flights over la Garrotxa! Go in tandem with licensed instructors, or if you already have your wings, you can even take off from nearby Rocacorba.


From the Costa Brava to the Pyrenees, from ancient ruins to historic medieval towns, from world-class gastronomy to stunning natural scenery – this area of northern Catalunya holds a wealth of cultural treasures for you to explore.