Feeling the need for a boost?

Join us for a rejuvenating wellness infusion with nutritionist and yoga teacher Ben Dessard, and Amara Valley director Morgan Palmer Hubbard.

Using a carefully chosen nutrition plan, a guided 24-hour fast, holistic wellness workshops, energizing movement practices and conscious breathwork sessions, together we will engage in some deep Spring Cleaning for your body and mind!

The retreat will feature a progressive series of Synergy Yoga masterclasses, a meditative flowing yoga practice developed by physiotherapists especially for modern bodies that enhances the circulation of nutrients, energy and intelligence through the body. 

Ben Dessard & Morgan Palmer Hubbard

· Promote Health, Longevity & Awakening ·

Health is more important to us than ever. Our Fountain of Youth retreat is designed to cleanse your body and rejuvenate you on a cellular level. Doing this in the beautiful natural environment of Amara Valley, supported by wellness experts, will launch you on a path of health and vitality this Spring.

Check out the benefits and program designed by our nutritionist and health coach Ben Dessard:

What are the benefits?

✔ Restoring healthy metabolism and energy levels
✔ Slowing down ageing and preventing disease
✔ Improving gut health and digestive function
✔ Improving sleep quality and brain function
✔ Reducing body fat and toxic load
✔ Boosting the immune system
✔ Reducing inflammation
✔ Deepening self-care and body connection
✔ Expanding self-awareness and relationship to food
✔ Feeling amazing!

Experienced yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, DJ and guide, Morgan is a co-founder of Amara Valley and has been offering yoga classes, retreats, teacher training & wellness events both in Spain and internationally for the last 10 years. 

Nutritionist, health coach and yoga teacher with over a decade of experience investigating nutrition, functional training and a wide range of techniques for vibrant wellbeing. Ben will also offer the opportunity for one-on-one personalized health coaching.

More facts about the nutrition program and introduction to fasting:

The retreat nutrition plan mobilizes visceral fat as a source of fuel. This is where most toxins are stored in your body. Our protocol will ensure that your released toxins do not get reabsorbed, but get eliminated.

Fasting is a cornerstone to health and longevity. During this retreat you will learn about the science of fasting, and be guided through a 24-hour fast – an introduction to the benefits of this ancestral practice.

No wonder all religious and spiritual traditions recommended fasting: the brain boosting effects improve learning, memory, and the development of new nerve cells in the hippocampus. Are you ready to expand your consciousness?


Participants are invited to arrive on Friday May 21st, for a welcome Synergy Flow practice in the afternoon, dinner and an Opening Ceremony that evening.


A farewell lunch will be enjoyed together on Tuesday May 25th to conclude and celebrate our journey.

Once you sign up for the event we will send you all the information you need to know to prepare your arrival at Amara Valley. 


The following prices are for 4 nights stay (Friday 21st – Tuesday 25th) and include accommodation, gourmet vegetarian meals, and all workshops and activities.

For extra nights stay please contact us at amaravalleyretreat@gmail.com

◈ Amara Valley accommodation & use of facilities 
◈  All gourmet vegetarian meals
◈ All practices & workshops
◈ Personal guidance through the process

Not Included:
◈ Transport & travel costs 
◈  Personal Insurance