Feel the pulse of spring, where life begins anew.

Ready to let your heart beat in rhythm with Life?

Join us at Jaya Bloom, where spirits lift and love unfolds.

Together, we’ll embrace, unite, and grow.

On the path of healing, we honor and nourish the Mother.

Welcome to JAYA BLOOM — an intimate gathering where souls unite to unlock the mysteries of expansion.

In the embrace of sisterhood and brotherhood, we joyously recognize ourselves as the children of the sacred union between Mother Earth and the Almighty Sun.

Embark on a soulful exploration of your energies and desires, transforming into conduits of devotion and awakening. Over four enchanting days, immerse yourself in profound workshops of Bhakti, Tantra, Movement, Chanting, and the gentle art of Touch. Through these experiences, we aim to cultivate a heightened sensitivity, becoming more attuned channels of the vibrant dance of Life.

This transformative journey is adorned with rituals that pay homage to Pacha Mama, invite the Bees on the land, and allow us to recall the sacredness of Water.

Come, join us in the blooming heart of Amara Valley for a Devotional Spring Celebration. Let’s celebrate life, love, and the interconnectedness that makes this festival an extraordinary tapestry of shared experiences. Your presence will enrich this unique gathering, and together, we’ll weave a vibrant story of connection and spiritual growth.


 Join us at Amara Valley for a Devotional Spring Celebration

Kirtan & Devotional Chants
Cacao Ceremony
Mystic Rituals

Calling the Bees
Healing Medicinal Herbs
Water of Life Ceremony

Tantra Workshops
Ecstatic Dance
Healing Touch & Massage


· How to get to Amara Valley?

Amara Valley is a beautiful Masía situated near Banyoles. The proximity to the main road makes this place very accessible from all parts of Catalunya and Spain.

We will organize an excel sheet to share rides between the participants.



· Food:

JAYA BLOOM is an intimate gathering and we will aim to have every meal together. Our beautiful kitchen team will prepare delicious healthy, vegan, nourishing meals for all of us.*

* The food is included in this festival!


· Accommodation:

Upon booking your ticket, you will select your accomodation. We have a range of comfortable rooms with shared or en-suite bathrooms. To maximize the capacity of the house, private rooms for a single person are not available. Single persons can book a shared twin or shared quad room. Three suites are available for couples, with private bathrooms. Camping and van tickets are also available. 

You will need to bring your own towel!


· Cacao Ceremony:

On Sunday, we will experience ceremony all together for our closing. In the spirit of love and rememberance, we will be guided through a journey using plant medicine. This is also included in the ticket price.


· Extra Activities:

Healing therapies will be available during the festival. If you would like to receive a treatment, you can book on-site.


· Zero Waste:

Let’s keep it clean! Join us on this very important revolution of producing as little waste as we can. From the orgaization, kicthen and logistics, we will try our best to contribute as little as possible to the creation of waste. Can you do the same?

For this reason, we ask you to please bring your OWN CUP to the gathering!


For any questions, doubts or inquiries please contact us at:


We are here to help!