“A Gathering to unveil the source of our womanhood”

“She is a wild, tangled forest with temples and treasures concealed within.”

“The separation of feminine and masculine has torn us into pieces. The balance of feminine and masculine will bring us back to peace” 

◈ Temple Cacao Ceremony
◈ Ancestral Wisdom Reconnection
◈ Moonligh Walks & Rituals
◈ Embodied Practices
◈ Reed Tent Sharing Circles

This is a call to all the sisters dreaming of belonging to a community of authentic women, ready to dive into a self explorative journey of discovering the multi-faceted aspects of our feminine power, as well as the deeply rooted ancient traditions that our ancestors held for thousands of years.

The Moon Sisters are already a reality. We gather each season, at the beautiful Amara Valley, connecting the invisible thread of sisterhood and honoring our ancestors whose blood flows in our bones and have given us life. You are invited, you are part of the story, because together we can keep the messages of the feminine wisdom and hold each other to reveal our full potential in the magic of sisterhood. We are weaving the tapestry of our own lineage as daughters of the Moon, and are now coming together as the women of our time to dance under the same stars and align ourselves with the inherent cycles of nature.



Amara Valley is an off-grid retreat center, with more than 10 hectares of land so you can find your own space and enjoy silence and calmness. As long as the weather permits, we will aim to do outdoor yoga practices, with optional excursions and walks in the forest and hikes up the mountain so we can all enjoy the fresh air and a good sense of maintining the safety amongst each other. You will also have the possibilty of choosing your own private room and we will make sure that the common spaces are always kept highly cleaned and ventilated.

Who are the facilitators?

Carlota is a classical violinist, vegan chef and yoga teacher who is fascinated by beauty and coherence in every aspect of the human experience. For the past 4 years she has been immersed in personal work with Cacao medicine and ceremony. Her attention to detail reflects in every aspect of her art, teaching and being.

Malwina is a yogini with an artistic soul. Shamanic experiences and spiritual practices guided her to help facilitate the shift in human consciousness and the rising of the vibratory frequency. She inspires people in healing themselves and bringing their magic to the world.

Together they have have travelled the 5 continents learning from great teachers, exploring the global transformational festival scene and meeting inspiring people that have influenced their offerings. Since 2020 they have settled in Amara Valley, living off-grid in a community and retreat centre that strives to be a pioneer in regenerative culture, sustainability and artistic development through movement, knowledge sharing and ceremony.


In this retreat we propose a journey to reconnect to our ancestors so we can aknowledge, heal and honour them fully. Through movement practices, temple rituals, rituals in nature, guided visualizations, and sharing circles, we will find the toold for each of us to express our uniqueness and finding our voice to live from the heart.

Friday 4th of September

3pm  Arrival at Amara
5pm “Inviting the Spirits” 
Embodied practice & Welcome Circle
7:30pm Dinner
8:30pm Intentions Ritual

Saturday 5th of September

8-9:30am Lunar Flow (embodied practice)
9:45am Breakfast
12pm Red Tent Talk by the Pool
1:30pm Lunch
2-5pm  Free Time / Massage / Pool

5pm Self Love (embodied practice)
7pm Sensorial Dinner
9pm Moonlight Ritual

Sunday 6th of September

9am Cacao Ceremony – New Beginnings

1pm Brunch

2-3pm Free Time / Massage / Pool

3pm Closing Circle
* All the sessions are optional although we really encourage all of us to stay connected through the weekend so we can go deeper in our practices and ceremonies. There will be time to take massages with the Amara Therapists as well as receive any other service from the Amara offerings.


Amara is highly renowned for its kitchen. For this retreat we have an amazing Goddes entering the Amara Kitchen. Marleen from The Love Cuisine will be offering delicious vegan food, using local and even homegrown ingredients from our garden, combining fresh and mediterranean flavours always with a twist of world cuisine. You are on for a treat, and the food will be a big part of the support you will get to help you ground, recharge and cleanse for the Autumn Season. NOTE: we can cater for special diets. Please,let us know on the submission form and we will try and accommodate your dietary needs.


The price of the retreat will depend on your choice of accommodation. We have different options available. All room prices below are for SHARED rooms (2 women max). If you would like a PRIVATE room, the price is +25%. 

Please select your choice on the booking form and we will ensure the preferred accommodation for you.

Cancellation Policy

After registering through the online form there will not be any refunds available for cancellation. If due to the Covid19 situation we were unable to provide the services of the retreat by the new regulations in Girona then we would refund the 100% of your reservation.

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The Retreat will be mainly in Engish but with Spanish translation if needed

*El retiro será mayormente en inglés pero con traducción al castellano si es necesario.

Listen to the voices of our ancestors…