We are so overjoyed to host this event for the first time at Amara Valley. There is nothing more sacred than bringing a Life into the World, and this retreat is going to hold every aspect of this incredible process. Whether you are a single pregnant woman, a couple expecting or a birth professional, here you will be taken through a set of practices to help birth a baby in the way you feel is right for you while being held all the way through by professionals to make you feel safe and supported in this important stage of your Life.

◈ Physiology of Birth

◈ Voice and Movement Sessions

◈ Rebirthing Practices

◈ Temazcal “Sweat Lodge Ceremony”

◈ Men’s Circle & Yoni Tantra Class

◈ Cacao Ceremony

◈ Relaxing Time in Nature

◈ Sauna Session

◈ Optional Healing Therapies


Are you ready to have an empowered, joyful, spiritual and transformative birth?

Then please join us for an amazing weekend of in-depth birth preparation, self-exploration and spiritual connection. During the weekend we will prepare your mind and body for the sacred journey of birth. Utilising bodywork, voice work, breath work, midwifery wisdom, Yoni work and ceremonial work to prepare you for a confident, transformative and joyfully spiritual birth.

A Confident birth comes from a clear understanding of the physiology and physical process of birth.

A Transformative birth comes from having a deep understanding of our fears around birth and confronting them.

A Spiritual birth comes from having a deep connection to the sacred energy of birth.

A Joyful birth comes when we can combine all of these deep wisdom and utilise them during our birthing process




If you are in a relationship and expecting a child, this will be the perfect experience to get to prepare for the day of the birth as well as to strengthen the bond between each other so that the partner can best support the Mother. 


Here you will find a circle of trust to fully allow yourself to be taken care of. Whether you come alone or bring a person that will accompany you during birth, all the sessions will be of great service for the transition into birth.


For anyone wishing to learn hot to support birth in a deeply energetic and spiritual way, this retreat is for you. Midwives, Doulas, Nurses, or anyone willing to dive deep into the work of supporting Mothers in preparation for, during and after birth.


With fourteen years of experience in both homes and hospital birth support. Krishinda Powers Duff, better known as the “Barcelona Midwife” has created this course specifically to prepare parents fully for the process of natural birth. Pulling from her many years of experience as a midwife and birth educator, she has designed this course to not only educate prospective parents about the physiological aspect of birth but to also support the physical, emotional and spiritual work that must be done for parents to experience the power of birth with confidence and sacredness.


For Pregnant Women

  • Due to the type of work that we will be embarking on, this retreat is recommended for pregnant women between 20-35 weeks at the time of the retreat.
  • Make sure that you are fit to attend this retreat, we are not responsible for your health
  • If you are flying, make sure your airline will take you back! 

If you have questions or are unsure whether you are eligible to attend this retreat, please contact us at krishinda@gmail.com.


Mother, Buddhist, Holistic Midwife, Birth Educator, Lactation Guru, Author. First I was a Buddhist who learned about the importance of the peace within to create peace around me. Then I was a mother who understood just how needed peace is in the world. Then I became a midwife and realised that peace begins with conception, gestation and birth. Now I work in the space where life begins and support mothers to connect with their goddess within. My wish is to share the knowledge and wisdom that so many mothers have taught me in as many ways that I can.
Through an individual, systemic and transpersonal perspective, I facilitate new parents’ personal path of Self Awareness and Discovery. We work together to  integrate the inner emotional, physical and external circumstances, in order to heal traumatic and/or hindered experiences that may affect us in our everyday life once we embark on this parenting journey. Self-empowerment and embodiment allows to establish an environement of trust and security where new internal spaces can be developed, helping our emotions, body and mind find an equilibrium in the here and now. On this retreat we’ll open sharing cricles to uncover fears and integrate new persepctives surrounding birth, post partum and parenting.

We are a couple with 12 years of a committed relationship. After a challenging 5 year journey to parenthood, we conceived in 2023 and Carlota gave birth to our son Fox. Through the quest of finding professionals that would support us in our desire to have a home birth, we met Krishinda and are infinitely grateful for everything we learnt and went through with her and her team. With many years of working in the wellness and spiritual world, running transformational retreats and festivals and opening our centre Amara Valley in 2019, we find that this retreat is the pinnacle of the work we want to see developing here in our home as well as everywhere in the World. Birth is the biggest Rite of Passage for a woman and a great opportunity for a partner to be involved in the great mystery of Life.

In 1986 and 1989 I gave birth in the Indian style and in water using the “Odent and Leboyer” method, great precursors of natural childbirth. To accompany your baby in this fundamental moment of their lives, I believe in returning the power of birth to the parents. I started learning acupuncture in 1984 and Rebirthing therapy in 1988. Today, I am almost 65 years old and my greatest happiness is to offer my knowledge to future parents who will pass it on to their children and grandchildren.

I am a body therapist specializing in sexuality. I value the body as a field of authentic experience and have learned that the deepest therapeutic tools are full presence and deep listening, both physically and emotionally. I am passionate about exploring the infinite possibilities of the body when it feels safe enough to move beyond automatic or post-traumatic behavioral patterns, allowing us to open up and blossom into our essential nature as sensual and sexual beings. Through private sessions, workshops, and training, I accompany women, men, and couples on their journey towards liberating themselves from blockages related to pleasure, desire, sexuality. I facilitate the cultivation of sensoriality and the natural sensitivity of the body, helping develop a healthy and vibrant sexuality.

My work is in service to reclaiming the authentic voice and reminding the body of its natural capacity for release, healing and integration. Your true voice holds the key to unlocking all the unfelt, the unspoken and the unheard moments of your past. It strips you bare and brings you back to your core. By reconnecting to your voice you peel back the conditioned layers of control and return to your instinct so that your natural expression can take agency. 
Everyone has a voice, and this voice is your unique medicine, the path to your liberation and belonging.


Our schedule will include daily yoga practices, birth preparation classes, rebirthing, voice and yoni workshops as well as sharing circles, ceremony and ritual and plenty of time for hiking in nature, resting and enjoy the beautiful Amara Valley grounds.

Note that this is just a sample schedule and it might change on the actual retreat


from 7am – Self Service fruit, tea, coffee

8am – Yoga & Movement Session / Morning Circle

10:30am Bountiful Brunch

11:30am Birth Preparation Course / Workshops

1:30pm Time to Rest / Massage / Walk


3pm Workshops / Circles / Ceremony

5pm Grounding Work


7:30pm Evening Sessions & Sharings


The Amara Kitchen holds a high reputation amongst health and wellness communities for it provides some of the most vibrant vegeterian food you can find in the region. Full with colours and nutrition, the Amara buffet is an explosion of flavours drawing from many different traditions. We believe that food is medicine and for that reason we aim to support every aspect of the work and processes of your stay by providing nourishing food for your body and soul. For this retreat we will provide 2 main bountiful meals as well as a nourishing afternoon snack. Fruit, tea, coffee are available at all times. The Amara Kitchen can accommodate to many dietary needs (allergies, GF, intolerances etc.)


In this very important time of your life, there is no better gift than self-care! For this special retreat weekend the Amara therapists will take you into their arms and allow you to relax to the fullest so we can receive the most value from our retreat time.

Pre-book your session on the form below to enjoy 5% off your treatment, and priority choice of timeslot!


Amara Valley is a beautiful nature retreat venue offering a peaceful oasis in the forests of the hills near Banyoles (Girona). Developed by multiple generations of yoga teachers, intentional communities and healing work, its latest incarnation as Amara is powered by renewable energy, with a range of accommodation options, beautiful rustic facilities and stunning landscape and surroundings, the venue is the perfect site for a refreshing break from the noise and intensity of the city over the Easter holiday.


Prices start at and are for the full retreat including all classes & workshops,
all gourmet vegetarian meals, and your choice of accommodation option.

This will be an intimate group so there are limited spots available.
Book now to confirm your place on this transformative retreat.

Included: Amara Valley accommodation & use of facilities  ◈  All practices & workshops    All meals – healthy, vegetarian/vegan & delicious!
Not Included: Transport & travel costs  ◈  Optional massages/therapies ◈  Personal Insurance