“From the Soil to the Soul” 

◈ 3 days connecting to Nature’s rhythms
◈ Experiential learning in how our internal senses interpret and respond to our external experience 
◈ Daily practices to bring conscious awareness to our mind, body and emotional intelligence 
◈ Honest and dedicated space to share experience and understand ourselves as we are
◈ Aligning our innate nature to reflect in our outer reality 

After the stress of recent months this Autumn retreat is a perfect time to get back to nature. Our time together is an invitation to help bring awareness to the feelings you experience in your body through nature connection practices, meditation, yoga, martial arts, drumming and men’s circles. Reconnect yourself to your natural state of presence and bring clarity to a deeper purpose and potential in your life. 

Weave into your wild man wisdom within you.


Alexander has held a passion for martial arts and their respective philosophies ever since was a young boy. He practiced various Asian martial arts before finding Yoga in 1999. He took his first trip to India in 2008. Curious about local traditions, he eventually got introduced to Kalarippayat at the Kerala Kalarippayat Academy. He ended up staying for 2 years, studying the art under Gurukkal C.M. Sherif.

In 2011 Alex returned as Senior Instructor of the KKA. Alex is known for his athletic ability and for paying close attention to the anatomy of movement as well as his ambition to unlock the individual potential of every student. For him, Kalarippayat is a blueprint for martial arts and movement, applicable for everyone ready to dive deep.

Brought up in the countryside, Adam has had a deep connection with nature from an early age. Using the woods around him as a place of sanctuary and safety, the honest a pure essence that it offered has been fundamental to his own connection to his innate nature. Supported by this, Adam’s spiritual journey began after a spontaneous out-of-body experience best described as a kundalini awakening. During this time Adam was running a successful building firm, chasing the materialistic dream.  Due to the impact this life changing experience had on him, Adam spent the next 20 years working, connecting and communicating with horses which helped him towards understanding the natural laws that exist within this reality and the universal laws that govern his heart.  Adam’s journey continues and he would like to invite you and share the natural and spiritual wisdom that he has received.  


17:00  Meet & Greet 
18:30  Re-set Strengthening Practice  
20:00  Dinner

7:30  Sun Salutations 
8:30  Breakfast 
10:00  Walk out into nature (Group Activities) 
13:00  Lunch 
14:00  Yoga Nidra 
15:00  Walk to Night Camp 
16:45  Camp Set Up 
19:00  Dinner
20:30  African Drumming Group Lesson 

7:00  Coffee / Wake up 
8:00  Gorilla Practice 
9:30  Trek Back to Amara
11:00  Cool Down Smoothie Time 
12:00 Cool Down Massage (Pairs) 
13:00  Lunch 
14:15  Soft, Loosening practice 
15:00  Closing Circle 


“Kalari” can be translated literally as the place where the practices are taught and “Payat” as the art of war and fighting. It is the martial art of Kerala from Southern India and its roots can be traced back 5000 years in the Vedas. Kalarippayat is believed to be the mother of all modern systems of martial art. Its uniqueness lies in being one of the remaining holistic martial arts still in existence. The syllabus includes armed and unarmed combat, as well as a complete medical system based on Ayurveda and Siddha tradition.

As a martial art it teaches the principles of fighting in a codified system which enables the artist to develop high level of fitness, self confidence, technical ability, and maintain a healthy body and mind. The training program is extremely comprehensive and scientifically based. Through the constant practice the student rapidly discovers also another aspect: spiritual growth. The aim of this tradition leads to a non-fighting attitude, and always ready to die, warrior-like state of consciousness.


Adam’s love for nature and his deep longing to live his existence from his heart has been the foundation for his spiritual growth. Along his path he has observed, encountered and interpreted through his experiences the many reflections that nature has to offer. This has helped him to discover and identify with his own innate nature and truth. 

Adam offers you his experience, so that you too can read the messages that nature has for you. He would like to support you with your own interpretation of its intelligence, and offer guidance to help in your own alignment with your innate nature which will bring clarity to a deeper purpose and potential in your life, and enable you to lead your life from the truth within your heart.   




Included: Amara Valley accommodation & use of facilities  ◈  All practices & workshops    All meals – healthy, vegetarian/vegan & delicious!
Not Included: Transport & travel costs  ◈  Personal Insurance